Preventing Eye Injuries at Home

"As families gather to celebrate the fourth they probably aware of the risk to their eyes from fireworks and from the sport they may engage in. But only a small percentage of eye injuries occur on the fourth of July," says AAO spokesman Andrew Iwach, MD.

The fourth of July was said to be America’s dangerous holiday. The Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC reported that 10,000 American were treated last year due to firework accidents. 64% out of the 10,000 citizens that was injured happened during the fourth of July due to firework accidents.

Many injuries, are injury inflicted to the eye. Many people are very much taking care of themselves while enjoying on this day most especially with their eyes. Nevertheless, an eye accident that happens on this day is merely a fraction of the actual amount of eye injuries. Most eye accidents in fact do not happen on this date but at home.

The American Society of Ocular Trauma (ASOT) as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) is aware of the high risks of getting eye injuries at home. Due to this, they have raised several actions so to make the people know the danger and how to prevent themselves from being injured. At this point, a pair of protective eye wear is the solution that these institutions are moving.

As per the study that was made by the ASOT and AAO 50,000 Americans permanently lose their vision each year not because of sickness but due to injuries. 44% of these injuries happen at home while 15% percent occurs in the workplace. The huge number of accidents at home is very much alarming. It would create a huge difference to eliminate the 44% percent of these unfortunate instances.

"Slipping on a pair of safety glasses is quick and easy. Unfortunately, compared to other commonsense safety steps such as wearing seat belts, using protective eye wear does not happen frequently enough." stated Ferenc Kuhn, MD, PhD and ASOT President.

Eye wear

Wearing a protective eye wear will help us prevent ourselves from having injuries. But wear a pair of sun glasses does not mean it is already safe.

Make sure that the product you are wearing is really good for the eyes or else you will most probably suffer from an eye problem than preventing an accident to happen.

A glass with an American National Standards Institute or ANSI seal is the appropriate eye wear to use at home regardless of its brand and price.

Accident Prone Area

Beware of the accident prone area at home. The kitchen and the lawn are the most common area in the house to have an eye accident. Family members are subject to many chemicals and hazardous items such as frying pans.

It is best to keep the children away from the kitchen area without someone with them as much as possible so to keep them from harm. Children are the ones who commonly get eye injuries due to their curiosity or less expertise in the kitchen.