Why Do Women Lose Their Sexual Desire?

"Women’s sexuality tends to be multifaceted and fairly complicated. Although we would love to simplify it we could have the one-two or even a one punch treatment it doesn’t tend to work that way," says the famous psychologist Sheryl Kingsberg.

The loss of sexual desire is also known in the field of medicine as sexual dysfunction. It is not only men that are having problem with their libido but their women counterpart as well. In fact there are a growing number of women having problem with their libido.

Myth in Low Sexual Desire

Contrary to what other say the loss of desire in sex with women is not because of their mindset. Many couple are having problem with their relationship more because of the low libido of their partner that they cannot engage into sexual intimacy. But there is more reason with impotency or sexual dysfunction that the state of one’s minds.

"Sexual desire is more than just an issue of low libido or sex drive. Sexual drive is the biological component of desire, which is reflected as spontaneous sexual interest including sexual thoughts, erotic, fantasies and daydreams. Above and beyond horniness, it is the sense of intimacy in the relationship. If you are mad at your spouse, you could get horny but you’re not going want to be sexual with that particular person." says Sheryl Kingsberg

Sexual dysfunction also neither has anything to do with sexual satisfaction nor the frequency of having sex. One factor to consider is the age of the person and the intimacy of her relationship with her partner. Sex drive naturally declines as we age. And engaging into sex also depends on how close we are with our partner. Just like what Kingsberg said, a person just does not get into sex if they are mad with their partners.


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