Fitness For Lazy People

One thing overweight people complain about losing weight through traditional dieting and exercise is that the routine becomes "too boring" for them. 

Others may see it as an act of laziness, but there are people who are not easily motivated into losing weight especially when they feel the exhaustion first instead of the burn. 

However, that does not mean they are deprived of getting fit and healthy.  Here are some simple yet effective tips to lose weight even without too much deprivation and exercise.

Take baby steps when dieting

One problem with fad diets is that you are forced to change your eating habits in a flash, which can either do good because you are putting your body on a fast track to weight loss, or bad because your body feels deprived and even more hungry. 

If your body reacts more of the latter when dealing with diets, give your body a favor and plan your diet little by little.  For instance, do not drink sodas for a month, then on the following month you do not eat sodas and chips, adding more and more unhealthy foods in your "what not to eat" diet plan and your body adjusts to it.

Substitute healthy foods

A vegetarian pizza-no matter how it is promoted as healthy-is still a pizza filled with carbs and unwanted calories, so instead substitute it by eating yummy vegetable dishes such as ratatouille.  Such meals make you feel full without the extra guilt.

Choose healthy foods that are convenient to you

Apples may be good for you, but you do not have the luxury of cutting them up while at the office.  You can either prepare the apples beforehand or consume fruit that do not need too much prep time such as bananas and seedless grapes.

Exercise at home

One thing that some people avoid the gym is that they tend to be too conscious on what other people think of them.  They may not be wearing the right gym clothes or fitted with the correct gym shoes.  They may be the only overweight person in a sea of fit and buffed people, or you feel uncomfortable being naked with other people. 

It is comforting to know you can still exercise without a gym, as you can bust a sweat right in your own home.  Purchase exercise videos or invest on home gym equipment and perform exercises at your own pace, even while watching television or listening to their favorite music.