Dealing With Bullying

Bullying is an intentional act of causing harm to others. Although bullying can happen to anyone, kids are commonly more susceptible to it. Bullying usually happens to someone who is perceived as weak or powerless. And the act of assault, harm and trauma caused by bullying can affect a person for a long period since they usually are repeated acts rather than just a single incident.

Bullying can take many forms aside from the usual physical assault on the weak and the powerless. Bullying can be in the form of emotional harassment where a child can be made fun of. Harm is caused even with no physical contact is made. Alienation can also be a form of bullying in instances where a certain kid is being intentionally excluded from a group and then being talked about in a bad way.

In the case of children, bullying can have disastrous consequences. It may do harm to the growth and development of a child physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids that are being bullied for most of their childhood usually grow up more depressed and insecure about themselves. It can also affect their studies and may be fearful of going to school or eventually lose interest going at all.

It is important for parents to look after their children and see if they are victims of bullying in their school, playground or the neighborhood. It may require that parents need to check up on their kids to look for the tell-tale signs of bullying. The most common sign usually is a quiet and shy child. Kids who are being bullied usually have very few friends and may find it hard to stand up by them. If you see these signs in your children, you might need to look more closely on them since they might be a victim of bullying.

If a case of bullying of your kid has been established, it might be important for parents to inform the people in authority to handle such things. In school, parents should notify teachers and other school officials about the bullying in order to find a resolution to such problems. After all, victims of bullying are not the only one who may need help. Even those who bully kids may also need to go through proper counseling.

Another thing that parents can do to help kids deal with bullying is to teach them how to stand up for themselves. Help your child learn how to talk back if being threatened of bullied. Teach kids to inform adults if they are being bullied by other kids. Teach your kid to walk away instead of confronting the bullies.