After You Quit Smoking: The First Two Days

The First Two Days After Smoking

Quitting smoking can bring about benefits just minutes after you smoke your last stick.

20 Minutes After

20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure decreases and you pulse rate drops. The body temperature of your extremities also increased.

Eight Hours After

Eight hours after your quit smoking, the carbon monoxide level in the body drops to normal. Oxygen level in the blood also increases to normal.

24 Hours After

At 24 hours after quitting, your heart’s chances of having an attack decreases.

48 Hours

Two days after quitting, nerve endings begin to grow and the ability to smell and taste improves.

Deciding to Quit Smoking

Smokers enjoy that feeling they get when they smoke and the nicotine level in their system/their bloodstream is regularly replenished. Even between the times you stub out your cigarette to the time you light your next one, your body is in a state of physical withdrawal from nicotine. Longer is the time in between cigarettes, the more severe the withdrawal. This causes edginess, inability to concentrate and even feelings of depression.

It takes courage to quit. People get mixed feelings in the days leading up to their quitting date. Feeling apprehensive or even scared to quit is normal. This apprehension may also be a by-product of addiction. Don’t let this fear get the better of you. The benefits are worth the effort it takes to quit.


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