How to Care for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can become a serious problem as people age. Concerns about what people can do about become more frequent the older people get. There are various ways in which people may be able to care for their thinning hair in order to make them last even longer. Here are some useful and easy tips that people can try out to help resolve some issues about the condition.

Use Hair Coloring

Some people with thinning hair are concerned that people would easily notice it and may sometimes bring down one’s self-esteem. There are ways that can help people somehow hide their thinning from being easily noticed by people around them.

Using hair coloring can be just one way of doing that. Semi-permanent or permanent hair color can help give thinning hair some added body and volume. But you must be careful of the type of coloring chemicals that you use. Hair coloring that contains ammonia or peroxide can damage hair and can further lead to hair loss if used.

Shampoo and Condition Hair Regularly

Having thinning hair can be worsened by having dirty hair. In order to protect the hair that you do have left, regular shampooing and conditioning might be needed. Fine hair usually gets dirtier faster and so may require more frequent care. Fine textured hair usually benefits from using a good shampoo as well as a volume building conditioner.

Give Hair A Permanent Wave

A permanent wave is a good way to add some volume to your thinning hair. But in order for this to be possible, you should start off with having healthy although thinning hair. Don’t try to get a permanent wave if your hair is dry and brittle. You will only be left doing more damage to it.

You can start off by having just a gentle body wave for your thinning hair to see how the effect would be. Getting tighter waves can also damage hair. A permanent wave should be done by a professional in order utmost care is being taken. Bear in mind that such a process may require the use of harsh chemicals that can also damage hair.

Blow Dry Hair to Add Volume

Blow drying your hair is another simple means to add volume to otherwise fine thinning hair. Blow dryers do not seem to be a problem when used on fine textured hair. But care should also be taken when putting the blow dryer on high heat directly on your hair. The use of flat and curling irons should be avoided since they can easily cause damage and breakage to hair.