Protect Your Hair and Scalp From The Sun

Having thinning hair also has other consequences. Generally, hair acts as a protective covering for the scalp against the elements. With hair thinning out, this lets the scalp get more exposed to the harsh surroundings, including exposure to the sun. Too much exposure of the scalp to the sun can result in increased risk of developing skin cancer.

The sun is known to emit harmful ultraviolet or UV rays that can cause damage to the skin. With the scalp usually the highest point, it gets vulnerable to harmful UV exposure from the sun especially during the summer. Not only that, too much sun exposure can also cause your thinning hair to dry and become brittle which can further worsen your problem. You may thus need to try and protect your scalp and hair from the sun as often as you can to avoid such instances.

Wear a Hat

You can avoid too much sun exposure to your head by simply wearing a hat. But a lot of people seem to forget about this seemingly simple solution and come to regret it. Try to bring along a comfortable hat that can provide your hair and scalp with the best protection from the sun whenever you feel like going out during the daytime. Not only will a hat protect your head, it can also protect the sensitive skin in your face by putting a shade over it and prevent sun damage to such a sensitive spot.

Use Conditioners Hair Barriers

The summer sun can easily make your thin and fine hair become dry and brittle. You might need to apply conditioner to it more often in order to keep it hydrated and soft. A deep conditioning treatment can also help act as a barrier to protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun.

Use Hair Care Products with Sun Protection

Because protecting the hair from the damaging effects of the sun has become a big concern, there are now a number of hair care products available that comes with SPF or Sun Protection Factor in them. Such products help screen out the harmful UV rays from affecting your hair.

You may need to use such hair products with SPF more frequently during the summer. Also bear in mind that the SPF can also easily be washed off by water or sweat. You may need to reapply them in case you wish to go out swimming or out for a run under the summer sun.