Understanding Tai Chi

Tai Chi, shortened term for Tai Chi Chuan, is an ancient form of internal Chinese martial art. It has become a popular form of soft martial art practice since it employs the use of gentle and graceful movements and poses. It has also been known as a form of meditation while in motion. Existing for some 2,000 years and still being practiced today, Tai chi has become quite a popular form of exercise more than as a form of self-defense.

Benefits of Tai Chi

The practice of tai chi sees many benefits from its many forms of gentle and graceful movements. As a system of gentle exercise, it can be practiced by anyone regardless of age. It is most especially a good exercise regimen that seniors can practice. Since its practice relies on performing soft and gentle form of poses and movements, tai chi doesn’t require physical prowess or effort. It emphasizes on technique and the fluidity of movement from one pose to another.

Total  yet gentle body workout

Tai chi employs more than 100 different possible movements and poses. Practicing them allows for a total yet gentle body workout ideal for those who lack the physical prowess that is required from other martial arts or exercise programs. And yet, tai chi can offer to make the body stay healthy with regular practice.

Improves strength and flexibility

Tai chi helps increase the body’s own flexibility. Having the body go through a series of continuous but gentle movements allows the muscles to stretch out and function, improving flexibility in movement. And because the muscles work along with the different movements and poses, muscle strength and definition is also improved.

Stress reliever

The practice of tai chi also involves meditation. The mind is made to focus on the movements and form to help bring about a person in a state of mental calm and clarity. It is for this reason that the practice of tai chi can also help reduce stress. As a form of meditation and motion, it also helps increase a person’s feeling of well-being. It further helps improve a person’s sleep quality as it promotes calmness lessens anxiety.