Dealing With Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can be all in the mind but it can surely have a big effect on your weight. What makes emotional eating a problem is that it can trigger you to eat at times when your body does not necessarily require food. Emotional eating can result in overeating that translates to add pounds on your weight. The longer it prevails, the more pounds stack up. You should try to find some way to deal with it.

Identify Emotional Triggers

One of the ways to deal with emotional eating is by trying to identify the emotions that trigger them. Whether they are positive or negative feelings, people can sometimes react to them by eating. Some people eat whenever they feel happy. Some have the urge to eat when they worry or when they are angry. Any of these emotions as well as a host of others can be the trigger that leads to emotional eating. Identifying them is the first step in trying to avoid the condition.

Keep It In Writing

One of the ways to track emotional eating as well as identifying the emotional triggers is by starting a food and feeling journal. This journal should contain a daily record of your emotions and in the different levels that you feel them as well as the type and amount of food that you are compelled to eat by such emotional triggers. It can just be a simple journal that includes the date and entries of your feelings for a certain period of time and the jotting down what you were eating as a consequence of a certain emotion.

The reason for keeping a food and feeling journal is to see the pattern that emotional eating puts you through. Through the journal, you will be able to see your eating habits clearly as well as the different emotions that can trigger you to eat. This will help you have a grasp better of what can compel you to eat and try to avoid them if you can.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Another way of handling emotional eating is by trying to avoid skipping meals. Skipping a meal can make you feel hungry. And with your problem with emotional eating, it almost always will lead you to overeat. By just trying to feel satisfied most of the time can help you prevent from eating too much especially if a certain emotion is trying to compel you to eat.



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