Plus Size Kids Clothes

With curvy women speaking up and going against the rail-thin physique trend, plus-size clothing is now a permanent fixture in department stores. But we neglect to consider that there is a fairly large number of overweight (even obese) children, and just how big their market is.

Big and growing

According to Newsweek, about 13 percent of kids under 18 are overweight or obese – this was back in 1994, as compared to their number in 1964- which is only about 5 percent.

Newsweek also reports that this number is expected to grow, with an expectation that about 1 in 3 children will be overweight in the future.

Downside of being a big kid

For overweight and obese kids, the ideal thing to do is to drop their weight to a healthy level. However, losing weight takes time and in the meantime, they suffer from prejudice and harassment from other kids without weight problems, and sometimes even from adults.

We neglect to consider helping overweight kids learn how to use fashion to their advantage. The idea has always been to fit into "normal" (or what we now consider normal, which is small) sizes or learn to love their bodies (which may also has a negative side to it because obesity can cause serious health problems) and wear whatever they want.

Dressing for your figure

However, the most realistic approach is the one we ignore – to help big kids dress in stylish clothes which are flattering to their figure.

According to children’s obesity and image experts, big kids need not hide in oversized and frumpy clothing. These clothes are not flattering and not socially "cool".

To compliment their figure, experts suggest flare or boot cut pants for bottoms. For tops, bare midriffs won’t do. Instead, let your kid wear a tight-fitting top like her peers wear,but layer it with an unbuttoned sleeveless shirt. When it comes to colors, let your children choose the ones they like, but guide them in choosing sensible colors.

Big kids also tend to look older than their age. And since few brands cater to the big kids market, some of the plus-size clothes (that are meant for older people) make them look even older. Make sure that your kid wears age-appropriate clothes, hairstyles, accessories, shoes, etc.

Accessories is the style department that is not restricted by size, so here your kids can wear pieces that are similar to their smaller-sized peers. Also, do not forget to be well-groomed and neat all the time.