Coping With Crisis

A crisis in life comes in different forms and at different situations. You might be quite familiar with some of them. Experiencing a sudden unemployment can be quite a crisis.

Others have to deal with a loss in the family as a serious crisis. Finding a friend or a loved one contracting a terminal disease can be quite a crisis to hurdle. But whatever the crisis, it is the ability of a person to cope up that would greatly matter.

Coping with a crisis situation is not easy matter to start with. The experience can be quite traumatic to some to the point that the stress and the anxiety can become too much to handle. Here are some ways to help you cope up with a crisis situation in case something similar happens to you.

Assess the Whole Situation

Some crisis may look bigger and harder to overcome than they may seem at first glance. This is because some people tend to react to most crisis situations at face value and at the moment they happen.

Some neglect to assess the situation to see where they stand. If you wish to cope with any crisis, it is important that you try to assess the situation first before trying to react to what is happening.

Try to look into the situation with all objectivity that you can muster and try to see its actual magnitude or scope.

Determine Areas You Can Control

Once you have assessed the crisis and the situation that you are in, try to determine the areas that you think you still have control over.

In a crisis situation, there are things that you can’t control and there are those that you still can. Identifying them and trying to work on them can give you that sense of control over the situation instead of it having control over you. This will help bring some sense of control over the present crisis you are in.

Having that sense of control can help give you that mental edge that you can still do something that would bring some good into a bad situation. The sense of control can help a lot to dispel feelings of helplessness.

Seek Support

The most difficult part of handling a crisis is by doing it alone. In such situations, you may need all the support that you can get.

Don’t try to avoid isolating yourself just because you do not want to involve others into your own problems. This would only worsen your situation. Try to welcome and be grateful every support that you can get from friends and family.

Some encouraging advice or a helping hand can do a lot to make any crisis feel lighter and more bearable. Support coming from other people can help bring some hope to an otherwise hopeless situation that a crisis may bring.