Children's Dry Skin

Children can suffer from having dry skin. It is not just adults who have to worry about dry skin; many children can find themselves having to deal with dry skin. Dry skin becomes only less common in teenagers because they are in the stage of their lives where their oil glands are active. But nonetheless, there are younger kids that may be susceptible to having dry skin which can further lead to other skin conditions such as chapped lips or cracked skin.

Causes of children dry skin

Children’s dry skin can be caused by a lot of things. A mistake that many parents make is to give their kids baths several times a day thinking that it would help moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. But too much bathing can actually do the opposite.

Soap and water can work together to remove the skins natural oils which protect the skin. Without natural oils, the skin is more prone to be left dehydrated and eventually causes dry skin. Aside from too much bathing, a dry climate can also help contribute to dry skin. The winter weather can also help bring about an increase in dry skin.

How to treat children Dry Skin?

Children’s dry skin can be cared for using a variety of means. For one, too much bathing as well as use of soaps should be able to do the job for most kids. Kids should try to avoid bubble baths, all soaps as well as detergents since they can easily wash away the skin’s natural oils.

For kids who are suffering from itchy skin due to dry skin, using a kid friendly lubricating cream may help solve the problem. The cream or hand lotion can be applied on the dry and itchy areas of the skin several times a day to help moisturize the skin especially during dry or winter weather. If the itch still persists, professional medical help may be needed.

For dry skin caused by the winter weather, the use of a humidifier may help. Winter usually brings about dry air which can easily cause dry skin. If static electricity seems to bother you around the home during winter, then you may be having very dry air. This can lead to faster evaporation of water from the skin surface which can leave it dry.

One way to avoid this is to run a humidifier inside the home to add some moisture into the surrounding interior air. Having kids wear gloves during the winter can also help protect the hands from rapid evaporation of water that leads to dry skin.


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