Live Healthy for Way Less

It is understandable how most of us prefer to spend less as we try to achieve a healthy lifestyle. More often than not, we find it quite difficult to manage expenses with almost everything we have to buy to provide ourselves a life that we know will contribute to our well-being. Below are three tips that can be considered to live a healthy life while you spend less.

Considering Multivitamins

Apparently, we do not have to eat a kilogram of steak, a half kilogram of beans and vegetables, and a couple of fruits in one sitting. That is why there are times when we really need to take vitamins. These are supplements that our body needs whenever the food we eat lack the vitamins and minerals we need.

Choosing which multivitamins to buy, select those that are 100% approved by the US Pharmacopeia. Settle for those that cost about $3-$6 as usual well-known multivitamin brands go for about $8-$10 for 100 tablets. Unless your doctor advised you to avail such, don’t spend money on additional supplements for it will only cost you more.

Prescription Drugs

It is best to opt for generic drugs for it will, undoubtedly, save you a lot of money. Usually, generic drugs have the same consistency as the branded ones. Whenever available, experts advise that you should buy it.

Compared to branded medicines which cost $111, its generic counterparts cost at only about $32. However, it is always safe and advisable that you consult your doctor about this first since there are cases when you have to stick on the same, branded drug.

Weight Scale

Monitoring your weight scale will definitely help you identify whether you are on the healthy side or on the not-so-healthy side. As it is based on a research, those who monitored their weights with scales shed off pounds within two years. So to speak, this is also a must-have whenever you opt to live healthy.

However, the question is, which is more cost efficient but has accuracy on telling the right weight? You may go for the digital ones since they are more accurate than their analog counterparts, though unsurprisingly, it costs more. Less expensive scales made of plastic which cost about $20 a piece.