Encouraging a Healthy Attitude Towards Food

Children today, especially girls at the age of five, tend to have a different and a rather negative attitude on obesity. According to a study, when researchers had a group of girls take a look at pictures of girls of different sizes, the girls commented negatively on those saw as fat..

Of course, it is apparent that they think that slimmer bodies are way much better than those that are not. Most of these concepts are injected to them specifically through media and other things that have a cultural impact on society. However, these issues can be solved.

Create a Positive Attitude on Yourself

First of all, do not give bad criticisms about yourself as being overweight. The reason behind this is obvious as it is unlikely to produce a good outcome.

In addition, it will also affect your behavior towards yourself. Further not even mention to yourself that you are dieting. Create a mindset that you are getting slimmer which will enable you to do more rigorous activities and not gasp for breath.

Give Your Children a Healthy Attitude Towards Themselves

On the other hand, if your child is the one overweight, do not tell them that you are putting them on a diet. Instead, try to add what you consider will be better for their weight loss. Try to cut the amount of food they eat.

In other words, adding the proper food for their diet. Furthermore, whenever they tell you they get teased at school, try to explain to them why people have to be different, that diversity makes life interesting.

Lastly, try not to buy toys that will only influence their thinking that being overweight is a totally negative thing. Try to be more careful in choosing the toys. Though you may think that some toys will suit them but will really affect their way of thinking on what really is a healthy body image.


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