Preventing Falls Among Seniors

As people advance in age, accidental falls become an increasing risk. Seniors, because of the results of advancing age, become more prone to experiencing falls if they are not too careful. A serious fall can result in broken bones and other conditions which can complicate things for an elderly person just trying to live comfortably. Here are some tips that can help reduce the risks.

Regular Exercise for the Elderly

One of the primary reasons why seniors are prone to falls ands lips is because of weakened muscles. This can lead to a reduction in balance and body control which increases the risk of falls. A regular exercise program tailored for seniors can help strengthen muscles and improve balance as well as reduce the risk of falling.

A Safer Home

More often than not, seniors suffer most falls at home. And the reason for this is that most homes become a hazard for the elderly. Older people would need to live in a safer home in order to reduce their risks of accidental falls.

This would include removing tripping hazards such as wayward shoes, books, and papers from cluttering the floor and other walkways inside the house. Better lighting can also help make the home safer by minimizing blind spots at home for the elderly.

Monitor Medication Use

The elderly may have the need to take a number of medicines to stay healthy or to treat their condition. These medicines or a combination of them can sometimes have an effect that would lead to falls.

Some medicines can make seniors feel drowsy and lightheaded which can affect their balance as the move about. Try to monitor medication use and avoid moving about if such medicines do affect seniors. This can also help prevent accidental falls from happening.

Regular Vision Checks

Sometimes, accidental falls and injury happen to seniors because of poor eyesight. Aging can also bring about changes to vision in the elderly that may affect movement.

An eye check up with a doctor can help identify the vision problems and therefore can be corrected with eye glasses or through surgery. Better vision can help reduce the risks of falling.




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