Healthy Reasons to Own a Pet

Owning a pet can relieve stress and provide us a healthy life. Studies show that people with heart condition and other diseases that hinder a patient to have a normal social life tend to display a healthy lifestyle as compared to those who do not own pets. In addition, it shows that it can improve their way of living.

Certainly, there are other ways in which we can obtain the kind of life we desire; there’s yoga, meditation and even writing journals, all to alleviate whatever that bothers us, mentally and emotionally. But pets themselves prove to be a great source of mitigating whatever it is that ails people. Below are the facts that shows convenient it is for individuals to own pets.

Owning a pet can improve one’s mood

Pet owners who have AIDS are less likely to report cases of depression as to those who do not.

Though for those who do not have pets at all, they are three times more likely for a patient with AIDS to suffer from depression, while there is only a minimal chance for those who own pets to suffer from depression-only a measly fifty percent.

Pets are far more effective in keeping blood pressure under control

ACE inhibitor drugs, drugs that people with high blood pressure take, are less likely to produce a dramatic effect on lessening a patient’s hypertension due to stress and tension.

But it was discovered that hypertensive people who own cats or dogs have their heart rates and blood pressure lowered to a certain degree compared to those who do not have any pets.

Having pets give people a good impression on themselves thus increasing their network of friends

whenever people walk their dogs outside, other people tend to find them approachable. They not only get to know others, but also increase the number of acquaintances, which becomes beneficial to stress management.

As dogs like to walk outside, it becomes a gateway to going out and getting some exercise

Owning pets becomes an opportunity itself when we have to do something that we have not done for such a long time. Exercising can be one of them.

Pets can be a source of companionship and belongingness

Unconditional love itself is sometimes hard to find. But having a pet increases the chances of showing how much you can love them, exercising your ability to be concerned, care and love for someone.

Pets can rival a good friend’s company

Recent studies show that pets can be good listeners as well when it comes to letting out one’s stress. In addition, it has been found to be even more effective than sharing their problems to their spouses as they experienced less stress.

Owning a pet can sometimes be stressful–due to the responsibility of taking care of them–but people sometimes look forward to the benefits they earn rather than the results of such tasks. Indeed, benefits have its own cost. But sometimes a better outcome is worth the payment for such a price to pay.


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