Stress Makes Teen Acne Worse

Young people tend to notice that their skin tend to break out and have more acne whenever they feel stressed.  Apart from accumulation of bacteria and oils in our skin’s pores, our emotional health is also believed to have caused pimples to appear on the skin.  Many have dismissed the connection between stress and acne, but a landmark study confirms these beliefs.

Does stress aggravate acne?

In a study published in March 2007 issue of Acta Dermato-Venereologica, researchers have concluded that high amounts of stress do aggravate acne breakouts among teenagers. 

The study was conducted by measuring the stress levels, sebum production, and acne severity of 94 teenagers in Singapore over a period of two months. 

First test was conducted one day before an important school examination, and again two month later during a school holiday. 

Singapore was chosen as the venue of study because of its consistent temperature and humidity levels, both of which are known to influence sebum production.

Statistics of stress and teen acne

During the first test, when high amounts of stress were measured, it was found out the teens were 23% more likely have increased the severity of acne compared during the periods of low stress such as a school holiday.  But what is interesting is that there was no perceived difference in the amount of oil levels on the skin during high and low stress periods.

According to Dr. Gil Yosipovich, a professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine said that "acne severity associate with stress may result from factors other than sebum quantity."  However, he wrote that "it is possible that inflammation may be involved."