The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma diet takes a lifestyle approach to weight loss. Called the "Western Hemisphere’s Mediterranean Diet", Sonoma emphasizes food selection, food combination and portion control. Author Connie Guttersen, Ph.D., R.D. has created meals to enhance flavor and maximize the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Sonoma plan focuses on 10 "power foods" which include almonds, bell peppers and blue berries. These foods are so called because they are rich in fiber, full of fats the are good for the heart, and on top of that, they help dieters stay full for longer periods of time.

The Sonoma diet plan

In the Sonoma diet plan, portions are reduced. Dieters will be eating only on 9-inch tasting plates and following suggested food ratios for every meal.

The Sonoma diet has three phases. The first phase involves clearing your pantry of refined sugar and flour. The second phase integrates some banned foods, adds more fruit and more vegetables and some wine. The final phase involves lifestyle maintenance.

Sonoma diet addition facts:

Costs – the Sonoma can spike up your grocery bill because of the foods – power foods such as berries – are more costly out of season.

Meal provision – unlike other diets, the Sonoma diet doesn’t involve having your meals provided/delivered.

Diet duration – Sonoma diet takes a lifestyle approach to weight loss. The first two phases’ time frames are more defined, but the final phase is for life (unless of course you decide to change into different lifestyle-based diets).

Fitness requirements – none.

Time commitment – it actually depends on you, the dieter. For some, preparing recipes maybe time consuming.

Eating out – it’s not a problem as long as you stick to the suggested proportions and ratio of protein, fruits, veggies and whole grains. Avoid bread, heavy sauces and cheese.

Alcohol – in the first phase, alcohol should be avoided. The last two phases are more lax on the alcohol restriction.

Vegetarian friendly – no. the Sonoma diet, though full of fruits and veggies, includes at least one kind of meat, poultry or fish in most of its recipes.

Eating plan flexibility – the Sonoma diet is quite strict in the first phases (when a lot of your favorite foods are banned), but as you progress, the diet steadily introduces more options.


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