Leaving with an Alcoholic Spouse

Living with a spouse who either suffers from alcoholism or just drinks alcohol too much can be stressful.  You probably have been offended, insulted, embarrassed, or even injured by your suffering better half.  You begin to wonder if there is any way you can do to make things better.  Well, you can.  Here are some practical and helpful tips to maintain your sanity, bankbook, and person intact.


You need to do a lot of soul searching and realize that your spouse’s drinking problem has nothing to do with you, how much you love your spouse, or what you have not done. 

An alcoholic will always look for an excuse to drink and blame you for it.  Alcoholism is a psychiatric problem, not a matter of emotions.

Keep yourself healthy

For some reason, spouses of alcoholics tend to get sick along with the drunkard, most probably because of stress.  Always take care of your health and manage your stress in order for you to stay strong and stable.

Avoid being a victim

If your spouse argues to you while drink, do not feel helpless but not arguing back either.  Instead, simply walk away. 

Go for a drive or run an errand, as long as you are temporarily away from the chaos you experience.  Remember that a drunkard has little or no capability of reasoning or judgment.

If things get worse, get out

If your alcoholic spouse has become too violent and too unbearable, you need to leave the household.  Take your children with you and drive to your parents’ house. 

The reason why many people refuse to leave a marriage is the hopes that the store would have a change for the better.  Sadly, that does not happen all the time.

Whether you choose to divorce or separate from your spouse, the decision is all up to you.  Only perform these opinions if the situation has worsened.