Preparing Your Family for Disaster

Currently, a number of powerful hurricanes have been hitting the United States. It is best that we should prepare ourselves for the worst–we should know what to do and what to have whenever disaster strikes. This does not only go for natural calamities–terror strikes and other emergencies come in as well.

Below are things to remember and do whenever the dangerous situations arise:

Water and food are the most fundamental of all of the basic needs for an individual. There should be enough supply of water that can last for about three days and non-perishable food with a manually-operated can opener. As much as possible, the water supply should be equally divided with one gallon per person a day.

Stack basic supplies like flashlights, batteries, a battery-operated radio, matches, scissors and other non-electric tools. Sanitizers and disposable garbage bags are useful too. Take small objects like compasses, maps, whistles and signal flares as well. In addition, secure your important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, bank accounts, etc.

First aid kits must include alcohol pads, burn ointments, antibiotics, eyewash and bandages. Medicines like anti-diarrhea tablets, pain relievers and activated charcoal are a must, along with a three-day stack of prescription medicines and toiletries such as deodorants and toothbrushes.

Clothing must not be limited for one particular temperature only. Stack as many clothing as possible. Bring comfortable shoes, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. If you have an infant child, bring along things like diapers and additional pacifiers.

Items that may serve as air purifiers such as face masks are also ideal, along with an air purifier like a fan that can filter the air.

What Else To Do?

  • Make a plan for every family member.
  • Be sure that everyone knows the emergency plan, wherever each family member may be. This way, you are assured that they know what to do during a disaster.
  • Always keep communication lines open and be informed. Know what are the hotlines to call in cases of emergency.

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