Eating Breakfast May Beat Teen Obesity

Teen obesity has always been a problem among the youth today. But new studies show that it can be prevented by eating a healthy breakfast. It has been said that teenagers who opt for a healthy diet in their breakfast are more likely to become physically fit than those who skip the first meal of the day. In addition, over time, they tend to lose weight and have lower body masses.

Though some teens think that skipping breakfast lowers their calorie intake, this notion has been proven wrong. Adolescents who eat breakfast are more likely to skip heavy midday meals and even help in improving their eating patterns such as not eating a late midnight meal.

Obesity among teens has increased in the past twenty years. Statistically, 12 to 34 percent of children and adolescents skip breakfast. Though there has not been any thorough research regarding breakfast habits, the results of this study shows that eating breakfast on a regular basis may lessen teen obesity.

A five-year research done by the health publication Pediatrics haS found out that teens who regularly ate breakfast have less amount of calories from saturated fats but more fibers and carbohydrates. This is in comparison to those who skip breakfast. Moreover, they are more active physically than those who do not. What is even more surprising is that those who skip breakfast tend to gain more weight than those who eat breakfast.

A related study also says that because of changing lifestyle habits, children within the 4-7 age bracket four who minimize their time in front of the computer or television by 50% have better chances of lowering their body mass index.

Although the research is still on a preliminary status, it is still recommend that children and adolescents be encouraged to eat breakfast and have a change in lifestyle. These are the only ways known in fighting obesity.