Shaving: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Among men, shaving has become a common routine. However, there are still myths, assumptions and even problems that need to be addressed. True, knowledge about shaving separates the boys from the men. So here are tips that will answer your FAQs regarding shaving.

Shaving Everyday

Doing it every day has no bad effect on the skin, aside from the fact that it primarily takes away hair stubs. Daily shaving also removes the top-most level of skin cells on the face, so applying a shave moisturizer after shaving will give the feeling of how much you take care of it.

Closest Results Possible

Upping the activity of shaving one level is no bad thing. It practically gives every guy with a clean-shaven face out there the best to himself. But to get the best results possible, it would have to be shaving after taking a hot bath. That allows a smoother shave since the combination of steam and hot water opens the pores of the skin and softens the beard.

For those with naturally heavy stubble or those who have had one- to two-week stubble, a pre-shaving exfoliant is advised. That eliminates the dead skin cells and helps get your stubble lifted off. Also, it is recommended that you use an exfoliant that can be used daily.

Shaving Against The Flow

As suggested, shave with the flow, not against where your stubbles are pointing at. That is because this pulls the stubbles harshly up, away from the face. This increases the chance of getting nicks, razor burns or ingrown stubbles.

Some may disagree with this, especially nonconformists, so here’s some advice: go with the stubble, re-apply lather, then re-shave against it. Apply light pressure and short strokes. This will reduce any chances of irritation.

Preventing Razor Burns

Shave with the grain or stubble. This reduces any possibility of razor burns. Moreover, replace the blades more often if it needs replacement to reduce the chances of repeating your strokes for spots missed. Also, clean or rinse the razor after using it to prevent hair build-up.

For electric razor aficionados, clean the razor before and after using it. For a more helpful advice, try applying cold water after shaving as it closes the pores and alleviates skin irritation.

Looking for the Right Aftershave

Look for an aftershave that suits your skin type. For oily skin, find a product that will keep your skin dry. Look for a moisturizer if you have dry skin. However, it is best recommended that an oil-based aftershave formulated with aloe be used, since those with alcohol only leaves the skin dry and taut and may even sting sometimes.

Razors with Multiple Blades vs Razors with Single Blades

If you are skilled with a single blade, go for it. As multiple blades gives you the close shave, single blades provides the optimal results. But it boils down also to what you are more competent with in using and which you prefer the most.

Using Shaving Cream

Shaving creams are not necessarily a must. But if you are the type who goes for shaving cream, it is best that you try out different products and find out which suits your skin the most. A bar of soap will do if that is what you have. Also, olive oil has been proven as the next best thing beside manufactured shaving creams.