Understanding Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet addiction disorder may still not be considered as an accepted condition. There are some that believe Internet addiction to be just an act of compulsion rather than an actual addiction. Some experts even consider the term net compulsion or pathological computer use for referring to such a behavior.

A Real Disorder?

There seems to be different opinions about Internet addiction being considered as an accepted disorder to be included among others in the list. The reason may lie on lack of factual basis based on actual studies. Currently, there has been studies done on Internet addiction that is based on a clear hypothesis or rationale. The bases mainly used by some researchers come from just exploratory surveys.


Internet addiction disorder may still be in a state of controversy in that some scientists believe that such a condition should be included in the DSM-V list while some believe that it shouldn’t be. It seems that Internet addiction may still be very difficult to define as of the moment.

The problem with disagreeing to the inclusion of IAD into the list of disorders lie there. With no accepted definition, IAD may still require further research to establish causal relationship between the addiction and its cause.

Supposed Types

For proponents who believe IAD to be an actual disorder, they categorize it into different types. Those who are excessively addicted to pornography is one. Another type of IAD is said to be overwhelming urge to bet on online gaming websites. Another type of IAD is said to affect people who have excessive involvement in social networking sites and blogs.


Although IAD may not yet be considered as an accepted disorder, it may already be affecting a number of online users. There are now several people who find it difficult to stay away from the online world. And such uncontrollable behavior and habit may also require some treatment.

Some believe that IAD may just correct itself as a person tires of the activity. But this is not usually the case. There are really people who now find it hard trying to get out of the habit of staying online all the time.

for this people, the treatment that may be available include counseling as well as the use of content control software to limit access to certain sites that may bring about the habit. Some Internet addicts may also try other treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy which is usually used to treat people with behavioral problems.