Dealing with Tension Headache

Stress is the feeling that is created when we react too much to life’s pressures and demands. The more we let things bug us too much, the more we make ourselves susceptible to stress. Although stress can be either bad or good, it almost always leans toward the latter.

Stress can bring us many effects, most of which are not good for our health and well-being. Among the physical effects of stress which cannot be undermined is headache. Tension headache is the type of headache that happens repeatedly when a person is under lots of stress. This type of headache is not dangerous, and it is not known to cause serious health complications. However, it can be very difficult to deal with.

What are the symptoms of tension headache?

Because tension headaches are probably the most common type of headache, its symptoms are also very general. Among the symptoms that commonly manifest itself to a person who is experiencing tension headaches are:

(1) constant headache

(2) aching pain at your temples

(3) a certain amount of pressure at the back of your head.

There is no one tried-and-tested medicine that can cure tension headaches, but the pain caused by this headache can be lessened through the use of Tylenol, Aspirin, or other non-prescription drugs.

The use of pain relievers more than three times a week may cause rebound headache, another type of headache which results from depending too much on pain relievers and other medicines. My advice, stay away from stressful situations. That way, your susceptibility to tension headaches will be kept on a minimum.