How To make a Skin Healing Poultice

Poultices are defined as something you apply to your skin to relieve the pain of burns, cuts, scratches, and the like. A poultice is a quick-fix solution which is also very handy. Due to the versatility of poultices, knowing how to make it would be very beneficial to you.

To make a skin-healing poultice, you’ll be needing herbs, blender or food processor, water and glass pan.

First, put fresh leaves in a blender or a food processor. Add in a small amount of water and grind it into a paste. Then add the paste to the infected part of your skin. Find means to leave the mixture longer in your skin because the effectiveness of the concoction will increase if you leave the mixture in your skin for a longer period.

If there is an emergency and you do not have access to a blender or a food processor, you can simply chew the herbs into a wad and apply it on your skin. Or, you can boil two cups of water in a pan and put the chopped herbs in the pan once the water starts to boil. Allow the mixture to cool a little, and then apply it to your skin.