How to Make Sex Enjoyable When Trying to Get Pregnant

Sex may not seem enjoyable for women who have a hard time getting pregnant. The process entails too many hassles, such as peeing on sticks and updating fertility diaries. More than anything else, it is also very stressful. But hey, nobody says you can’t have good sex while trying to get pregnant.

You have to keep in mind a couple of things, though:

Take a Few Steps backward

You want to get pregnant because you want to have a baby–that is a given already. However, the reason why you chose your partner to be the father of your child is probably because there is some sort of passionate love between the two of you. Stick to that and don’t let it slip your mind. Love is harbored on some level of physical intimacy, therefore sex can be made more special if you invest on your special emotions for your partner.

Do varied sexual activities together

Do not put a strain on your sexual relationship by making your partner feel that the only sexual connection you can have with him is when you’re ovulating. Also, don’t zero in on the act of sex alone. Make sure that you have other means for intimate physical contact.

Make sex a little more erotic

Sex is not a deed, so don’t put it off as such. Add variations to your sex life by using sex toys. Using sex toys can be a great way of boosting your sexual energies to its optimal level. It can also add extra physical stimulation for both you and your partner.


Yes, lubricate. Use lubricants to keep sex slick, sensitive, and somewhat more erotic. If you’re feeling a little stressed out, lubricants can also aid in your natural lubrication. It is also a quick fix to vaginal dryness, one of the more popular causes of sexual problems.

Explore different positions

A new sexual act just might do the trick. If sex is timed to a schedule for the purpose of trying to get pregnant, the chances that sex is becoming a task is very likely. Why not do something new? You can try out other sexual positions and variations.


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