Can Your Pet Make You Sick

Pets can be a primary source of us getting sick. With the great number of animals in the country, there is also a greater threat of getting infected by the diseases they carry. The risk has even become greater now that exotic pets are introduced.

There are several ways of getting sick due to pets. Definitely, all of these are infections. Below are a number of ways on how you can get infected:

Infections through parasites

Those who own cats are more likely to get infected with parasites. Litter boxes that contain cat feces make such an infection possible.

Infections through fungi

Ringworms are the primary culprit in fungal infection. Petting your pet dog or cat may just give you the risk you are hoping not to get contracted with. Even just getting in contact with toys they have played with poses such a risk.

Infections through bacteria

Salmonella is the worst disease that can be acquired through bacterial infections. Ducklings, chicks, turtles and lizards are said to be the carriers of this bacteria.

Other infections

Other infections that can be acquired is monkeypox and MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Back in 2003, several people were infected with monkeypox. It was found out later that it came from a group of prairie dogs and small rodent that came from Africa. MRSA, on the other hand, is resistant to penicillin or methicillin and there is little report about people getting infected with it.

Protecting yourself

  • Be aware of the symptoms their diseases may bring.
  • Always consult your veterinarian about your pets.
  • Have them vaccinated or dewormed.
  • Provide immediate care if you’re pet gets sick.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after touching your pets.
  • Have your cat’s litter box changed daily.
  • Buy from a licensed breeder or adopt from a reputable shelter.
  • Wild animals like raccoons must not be adopted as pets.