Kids Halloween Costumes Safety

Before you send your kids out to go trick-or-treating, make sure you’ve checked if your kids’ costumes are safe. And by safe that means:


Candlelit decorations such as jack-o’lanterns are popular during Halloween so make sure your kids’ costumes are flame-resistant. If you’re buying your kids’ Halloween costume, check the label if it’s flame-resistant. If you’re making your kids’ costumes, make sure to use flame-resistant materials.

Easily visible

Incorporate materials into your kids’ costumes that are easily visible in the dark such as reflective tapes or other bright and reflective materials.


Make sure your kids’ costumes fit them well. If they are too long, your kids may trip and fall. Accessories such as hats, masks, etc. should fit them well too, and not cover their face, especially their eyes.


To make sure your kids can see and be seen, incorporate a flashlight into their costumes.