Trim Kids Diet

Dieting is not typically recommended for kids, but parents need to do something when their kids’ eating patterns become unhealthy. Your kids’ health is in jeopardy if they begin to put on too much weight. You have two choices: either you ignore the fact that abnormal eating pattern or sedentary lifestyle can have negative impact on your kids’ health in the long term or do something to prevent them from becoming overweight or obese.

There are many diet programs for kids that promote healthy living. One popular program is Trim Kids by eDiets, which teaches your kids the basics of health eating and exercise. Trim Kids gives you the dietary tools and helpful suggestions in promoting diet and fitness in the household, while making it fun for the kids.

Obesity in children

Obesity is rare in the past, but it is now one of the most prevalent medical problems affecting children in developed countries, including the United States. According to the American Obesity Association, around 15% of children (aged 6-11 years) and adolescents (aged 12-19 years) are obese in the country. This figure is expected to increase.

Obesity in childhood is one of the greatest health challenges. It not only increases your kid’s risk of many health problems, it also can create social and emotional problems.

One of the major reasons for obesity in children is that children eventually acquire the unhealthy lifestyle of their parents. Plus, many kids today are more preoccupied with playing video games and texting their friends than playing sports or engaging in physical activities in school.

The Trim Kids diet program

The Trim Kids is an extensive 12-week program specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of children. This program aims to help parents in managing their kids’ weight goals together with the supervision of their family physician or pediatrician. Here, children and parents participate together.

The program provides meals and handy recipes that your kids will surely enjoy, an online support to help you with your difficulties in implementing the program and questions on how to manage the eating habits of your kids, and access to an expert staff of dieticians.

The Trim Kids also teaches your kids a healthy way of eating and exercising and provides free profile of a child’s BMI. You also receive suggested activities, weekly tips, chats, online meetings, and much more. The effectiveness of the program relies on how you carry it out. The program will require you to pay a membership fee of $5 dollars per week.

Diet, nutrition, and exercise

The following are some of the recipes that the program features: fruit and milk, Southwestern Scramble with toast, chicken soup and milk, grilled cheese sandwich, and grilled Turkey Burger with fruit and sweet broccoli salad. The program also helps parents get their children to be active and makes exercise enjoyable.