Surprising Facts About Common Cold

With the end of the summer season approaching, now comes the time to brace for to approaching cold. And along with the cold comes also the start of the flu season. People now have to deal with trying to stay out of getting the common cold or the flu as much as possible.

Unique Facts

There might have been a lot of facts that you might have heard about the common cold. There are common ones and there are those that you just don’t seem to notice. But those you don’t know or even notice may surprise you.

Vitamin E

Maybe you have heard that taking vitamin C can help combat the common cold. That may be a common fact. But actually, researchers are still trying to find out just how helpful vitamin C is in fighting the common cold.

But there is another fact that researchers have recently discovered- taking vitamin E instead may help older people suffer from less upper respiratory diseases than those who don’t.

A recent study revealed that older people aged 65 and above can benefit from taking daily 200 IU doses of vitamin E daily. Those who did in the study suffered 20 percent less upper respiratory infections such as colds. This would be a welcome fact considering that seniors would always want to have a more comfortable winter possibly away from the cold.

Cold and Smoking

Vices truly are bad. Drinking and smoking seem to help worsen the risk of getting the common cold. But researchers have recently found out about smoking increasing the risk of contracting colds. According to researchers, avoiding cigarettes can also help people avoid the common cold. But when it comes to drinking the common cold, the fact still remains open for further discussion.

Music Therapy

Recent scientific research has a surprising fact to tell you about the common cold. It seems that listening to certain types of music can help in the fight against the common cold.

Researchers found out that listening to soothing music helps boost the body’s antibody levels, making it more effective in combating the infections associated with the common cold.

Now that gives you the reason to always bring along your trusty mp3 player with you to help fight off the common cold this coming winter.


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