What is Hydrotherapy Treatment?

Hydrotherapy is the practice of using water to sooth away pains as well as in treating diseases. It is a practice that has its roots way back in ancient times. Egyptian royalty took their baths with essential oils and flowers. The Romans were known for their communal public baths. The Father of Medicine from ancient Greece, Hippocrates, was known to prescribe bathing in spring water to treat sickness.


There are a number of benefits attributed to the use of water therapy. One of the known benefits is that it helps increase blood circulation. This enables the efficient circulation of the body’s white blood cells for better immune function. Hydrotherapy is also known to help induce the production of endorphins which can help improve overall well-being as well as relax and energize the body.

The use of hydrotherapy helps in supplying fresh nutrients and oxygen to tissues as well as helps it dispose of toxins and waste products. Hydrotherapy also helps aid physical rehabilitation for people who are injured or have suffered through a stroke. Hydrotherapy has also been used to help reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other similar ailments such as rheumatism.

Forms of Hydrotherapy

There are various forms of hydrotherapy treatments being used today. The use of different compresses is considered as hydrotherapy. Cooling and heating compresses are being used to help reduce inflammation and congestion. They can be used for either short or long periods.

Baths are also considered another common and popular form of hydrotherapy. Baths are usually used as therapy using a combination of both hot and cold water. The effect on the body through this therapy is said to help aid blood circulation as well as help stimulate the body’s nervous system.

An internal form of hydrotherapy is colon cleansing. It is also known as a basic enema where the colon is flushed using water in order to clear it. It is said to help get rid of toxins that may have accumulated inside the colon. But doctors believe that such practice may cause an imbalance between bacteria and chemicals found in the colon which can lead to other problems.

Hydrotherapy in the form of full body immersion in water is usually used to aid in physical therapy. It can be used to aid an injured muscle to gain strength in a more sensitive manner than ordinary exercise. The water helps provide some resistance as well as buoyancy that help injured muscles react to forces gradually.


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