Kid's Guide to Shots

Getting a shot can actually be good for you, vaccinations, that is. And kids having shots for all kinds of preventable diseases is good and effective. Although kids may not like getting shots because of the needles and a visit to the doctor, it is necessary to grow up healthy and well. Kids would need to understand this, first and foremost.

What Happens With Shots?

Shots or vaccinations are given to kids as a means to protect them from actual diseases. The shots are actually weakened forms of germs that cause diseases. They can also be dead germs or a weak version of it. The shots are made at the laboratory where scientists make sure that they are dead or weak and safe enough for use in vaccines.

How Shots Help?

Kids should also understand that shots allow the body to become stronger in fighting diseases. The body has an immune system that protects it from invading germs. Sometimes the immune system may find it hard to fight off certain germs during their first encounter. This makes the immune system sometimes lose out, which then leads to disease and infections.

One way the body’s immune system can provide a more effective immunity to germs is by getting to know the germs better. Once the immune system recognizes the germs, it can produce the right type of soldiers, antibodies; they are called, to fight them off.

Vaccination works by introducing a weakened form of a germ to the immune system that it can recognize and form the antibodies to fight them. The germ is weakened so that the immune system is strong enough to overpower them but still get to recognize them the next time they attack.

Are Shots Worth It?

Getting shots are definitely worth it. They help protect the body from developing diseases that can just get worse and worse. With getting shots, kids become immune to such diseases.

Although sometimes, kids can fall ill to some of the germs, they are considered as just mild forms instead of the very bad case without the vaccines.

Getting shots is definitely good despite that dreaded visit to the doctor’s clinic and getting a needle jab in the arm. It can be a better deal than falling ill or sick and staying in bed with a bad feeling for days.