Teen Dating Violence: Signs for Abusive Relationships

Teen dating violence is a reality that your teen needs to be aware of. It is not enough for her to simply know that these things do happen, rather, she has to know when she is being violated as a woman. As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that she is well aware about teen dating violence.

Teen dating violence comes in many forms. Your teen can be abused psychologically, physically and sexually.

Psychological Abuse

There is no distinct form of psychological abuse but acts such as putting a girl down, calling her names, making her think she is crazy, as well as playing mind games with her are the common occurrences that characterize this type of abuse.

Psychological abuse bears no physical evidence, but according to reports, many teenage girls resort to suicide because of the psychological abuse committed against them by their boyfriends.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is generally about battering. Battering is a form of physical violence that girls in an intimate relationship suffer from. It ranges from a push or a slap, to a kick, a punch, or actual murder. Some teenage boys are likely to resort to physically hurting their dates and/or their girlfriends because of jealousy or unreturned sexual favors.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be categorized as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.  Rape is the most common concern of parents because for them, this is the ultimate violation of the womanhood of their teenage girls.

The act of rape refers to forced penetration by the male reproductive organ, or any object of the male reproductive organ, mouth, or anus, against the will of the victim.

There are several classifications of rape, some of which are as follows:

stranger rape – occurs wherein the assailant is unknown to the victim.

date rape – happens in situations where an assailant takes advantage of a victim during their date

mental rape – describes "emotional abuse aimed at degrading and dominating the other party"

statutory rape – sexual intercourse with a woman under the age of consent, regardless of whether she has agreed to have intercourse or not.


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