Stay Hydrated During Anaerobic Performance

exercise hydrationDrinking water when doing anaerobic activities is a good thing to stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated usually impairs our endurance, most particularly in aerobic activities.

Getting hydrated

Staying hydrated usually is a common thing when the summer season has arrived, especially on onsets of heat waves. For athletes, it is best to know how to combat heat exhaustion. Several people have succumbed to this. Most of these people are marathon runners. Concerning the general public, many have died because of this such as those that happened in Europe and Chicago in the past years.

Hyperthermia is usually the main problem that anyone faces especially during warm seasons. Thus, it is recommended that we get hydrated as much as possible. The best way to do this is to drink water before and during performing an exercise. As suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine, we have to have a healthy predisposition regarding our physiology.

Hydrating for anaerobic exercises

In countering hyperthermia, we have to have high volume of blood since it decreases the strain the heart does as it pumps blood. This get the muscles going and at the same time, the heat from the skin disappears.

The reason is that when performing a vigorous activity the vessels in the skin dilates, allowing greater blood flow to reduce the heat in the body. This is is called cardiovascular drift. This manifests when your heart rate rises yet you have the same power output.

When it comes to anaerobic exercises, there are no known effects of hyperthermia or hypohydration. Tests done regarding this matter have found out that the results are very much different from aerobic exercises. There may have been increase of body temperature but there is no threat of any of this condition.

Hydrating for weigh-cutting athletes

For athletes who have to cut weight, like professional boxers, wrestlers and martial arts, they usually drink water.

They usually drop their body weights down to 5 kilograms or more before the weigh-in and weigh category. After which, they try to gain weight again. Their training usually consists of maximum intense bursts of about 1 to 3 minutes with brief breaks for recovery.


When it comes to cycling, though it is considered as an aerobic activity, it is recommended to get hydrated before the competition. But it may have no bearing regarding your performance level. A study in Australia reveals that cyclists have to get hydrated as much as possible.

Losing weight for the race may not provide some benefits concerning the performance. But it may affect them through thermoregulation and cardiovascular factors.


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