Helping Kids Feel Good About Their Body

Kids today are becoming more sensitive when it comes to their physical attributes. It can be easy for children to hate themselves because of their bodies. This can lead to many children having do deal with self-esteem and confidence issues just because they might not have that perfect and society accepted body.

For some parents, this issue might not be so serious because they think that their kids look and feel happy and don’t seem so concerned of how they look. But some of the issues about their bodies, the kids usually try to keep to themselves. Parents should be aware that most children can find themselves going to this phase while growing up. It is up to the parents to help their children to learn how to love and accept their own bodies.

About Stereotypes

Most kids may feel sensitive or even hate their bodies because of accepted stereotypes in the society. Children may see that the society perceives beauty from a certain common perspective. As children go up, not being able to fit into this stereotype can lead them to hate their own bodies.

It is up to the parents to help children realize that they need not be pressured to fit into a certain stereotype for beauty in order to be accepted and loved. One way that parents can do this is by minimizing the ways in which the kids are influenced by certain accepted stereotypes of beauty.

The media has been a big influence as such stereotypes abound in magazines, television and movies. By trying to minimize such standards as accepted in the home, parents may be able to help their kids not to follow a certain mindset for stereotypes in the society and not be pressured to fit into them.

Parents as Role Models

Kids will learn to accept and love their own bodies, with their unique and wonderful imperfections, mainly through how the parents accept and love their own bodies. The children usually identify with the image of beauty as how the parents perceive them. Girls, who are usually the ones greatly affected by body image issues, usually are influenced by how their mothers perceive beauty.

If the mom and even the dad have a positive and healthy attitude of their own bodies, it would be easier for their kids to accept and love their own bodies. It can be up to the parents to set the example and become role models for their kids when it comes to loving their own bodies and not hate it.