Preventing Children's Sports Injuries

child sportThe seemingly boundless energy of children make them likely candidates for injuries, most of which happen outdoors while they are at play. These injuries are what we call sports injuries. Sports injuries are somewhat hard to avoid because playing sports is a very fun and enjoyable activity for kids. In spite of these, certain precautions can keep your child away from broken bones and ugly bruises. Here’s how:

Protective Gears

Make sure your child wears a protective gear while playing his or her favorite sport. These protective gears such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads will keep your child from getting hurt and will minimize the harm in case an accident takes place. There are right protective gears for each sport, see to it that your child wears the complete and correct set of protective gear for his or her sport.

Warm up Exercises

Advise your child to do warm up exercises before playing his or her sport. It is not right to leap into an activity without a warm up exercise of about 15 to 30 minutes. Playing a sport without warm up activity can lead to an injury because the muscles and the joints are not yet prepared to play.

Rules of the Game

Ask your child to review the rules involved in each sport because failing to do so will make him or her subject to an accident. On the other hand, if all the players are well aware of the rules of the game, then fewer injuries are bound to happen.

Mind Setting

Influence your child to think in such a way that would make winning secondary to teamwork and camaraderie. Rough play can take its toll on children because if they take winning too seriously, they might resort to harsh and violent actions to reach their goal.

Adult Supervision

Last but not the least, parents, teachers and other authority figures should make it a point to watch and guide children as they play their respective sports. Having adequate adult supervision will ensure the safety of the kids as well as the smooth flow of the sports activity.