Promoting Physical Activity in Children

Everyone adores fat babies because they look really cute. With their chubby cheeks and protruding tummies, fat babies are absolutely adorable. When these babies grow up and enter childhood, their stocky build are still cute, but often, it is unhealthy, too.

A fat body is closely correlated with physical inactivity. If a child is fat, he or she is also bound to be a physically inactive person. Physical inactivity will likely lead to coronary artery diseases, obesity, high blood pressures, and diabetes.

Meanwhile, if a child is physically active, he or she will be less susceptible to developing these diseases. Plus, a physically active child will also have an improved sense of well-being; he or she will gain more self-confidence and will have a higher self-esteem.

With the evident advantages of physical activity to children, you might as well join the bandwagon and be one with the parents who are promoting a non-sedentary lifestyle for their children. You can do this by:

  • Reducing your child’s time to watch TV, play computer video games, and talking on the phone.
  • Make your child’s physical activity fun and exciting.
  • Help your child choose a physical activity that is suitable for his or her size, age and skills.
  • Provide your child with avenues for sports and physical activities.
  • Be a role model for your child by adapting an active lifestyle as well.
  • Preparing meals that can boost your child’s energy.

The children of today are less fit than the children of past generations. In fact, many children who have adapted unhealthy lifestyles as they grew up to be young adults are already showing early signs of diseases which are related to physical inactivity. You may allow your child to be like them, or you may opt to help him or her become a healthy person. You decide!