Sleep Apnea is Induced by a High Fat Diet

A poor sleeping habit can be linked to having diets that are high in fat. Researchers in Brazil claimed that the more foods laden with fat an individual eats each day, there is a higher chance of not getting a proper sleep. Therefore, a simple dinner of fries and cheeseburger contributes to a disruptive sleeping pattern.

Relationship between high-fat diet and sleep

The results of the study were shown at an annual meeting of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies dubbed as SLEEP 2008. The research indicates that a high-fat diet can:

  • Disrupt sleep due tossing and turning at night.
  • Breathing while sleeping is not normal.
  • Less incidence of REM, which indicates that the individual is deeply asleep?

It was shown that having rapid eye movement or REM is healthy since it makes you energetic the following day. This is according to sleep expert Ron Kramer, MD of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Moreover, it helps the individual regain his or her spent energy after an active day.

The study shows how our diets can affect sleeping. Even a dinner that is high in fats can contribute to an unhealthy sleeping pattern.

With this study, high-fat diets cannot be only be attributed to having a poor lifestyle but also to sleep habits as well. In addition, this shows that we should be aware of what we eat as it also has negative impacts concerning our sleep.


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