What Causes Restless Legs Syndrome?

RLS or Restless Legs Syndrome is a disorder linked with the nervous system as it affects leg movement. Since it manifests itself through sleep, it can be a sleeping disorder. It is characterized as a sensation which interferes while the affected individual is sleeping.

Symptoms of restless legs syndrome

Individuals who have this disorder usually feel something weird in their legs, even in the arms, which cause them to move their legs to relieve that sensation. People with this sleep disorder have the following uncomfortable sensations in their legs:

  • pins and needles feeling in their legs
  • itchy sensations
  • a feeling characterized as creepy-crawly

The feelings are at its worst when lying in bed or at rest. This gives the individual a tendency to relieve it by walking around which then leads to sleep deprivation as well as stress. The symptoms can vary from mild to intolerable.

It can worsen to the point that the individual may become disabled. Usually, the symptoms are a lot worse during the night than in the day, especially for young adults. However, at the age of fifty or so, it can deeply affect sleep impairing one’s sleeping habits.

This syndrome is present among ten percent of the population in the U.S. Both men and women may have this disorder and may start at any age. Infants and young children may also have this symptom. But its severity manifests among middle-aged people and older.

Oftentimes, restless legs syndrome is diagnosed incorrectly. Generally, the disorder can be diagnosed after 10 or 20 years when the symptoms started. However, this can be cured when a correct diagnosis is made.


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