Keeping Your House Germ Free

Your house is the number one place that you should keep clean. It is the place where you stay and it is the place where you spend most of your weekends watching a football game. But whenever it is the season of colds and flu, every household item seems to have gotten infected by microscopic germs that cause the sickness.

Come to think of it, everything around you is an involuntary vessel that cradles those unwanted viruses. So why bring it at home? Why keep it in your house? The best way to get rid of them is by disinfecting your things, washing your hands or using a sanitizer.

But most of all, watch out for those items in your house. If you are sick right now, it may be the reason why you have to be in your house today rather than in your office.

Dishrags and sponges

Most of the time, these items are damp and moist, making them a potential breeding ground for such bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. You may have thought you are cleaning the dirty dishes but you are just trying to spread sickness on the items that serve your food.

The best thing you can do is to microwave the sponges for 2 minutes. It has a 99 percent chance of getting rid of the bacteria. If they may incur a bad smell, put them back in the dishwasher once a week to remove the unwanted odor.

Kitchen sink

Fact: sinks are more of a breeding ground for bacteria than toilets. This terrible fact may make you stay away from your kitchen sink forever. But by utilizing a teaspoon of chlorine bleach with a small amount of water for about every couple of weeks, it will deter the formation of bacteria.


With all the germs that get trapped underneath the soles of our shoes, our floors get contaminated as well. Do some sanitation methods like making a mixture of one-fourth cup of bleach and one gallon of water in a bucket. Use a mop to spread this concoction to the floor.

Cutting board

It’s obvious why it has to be another breeding ground for germs. It is even more than a hundred times unsanitary than a toilet. So instead of just rinsing it with water, try using soap to waste off those germs.


Laundry is always dirty, especially underwear. Wash your briefs or boxers separately. Use disinfecting bleach when washing them. This will prevent the spread of germs with your other laundry. It will even sanitize your hands.