Understanding Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem that is affecting a lot of people. It is characterized by difficulty in falling, staying or maintaining sleep. A lot of people go through bouts of insomnia due to several reasons. But people suffering from chronic insomnia may require some professional medical help.

Causes of insomnia

There are several causes attributed to insomnia. Stress has been known to be a common cause of constant sleeplessness. Stress can keep the mind in active mode even at night when it needs to take a rest.

Anxiety disorders are also know to cause insomnia, keeping the mid too alert to fall asleep.

Depression may also cause others to suffer from insomnia. The use of stimulants can also cause insomnia as they can interfere with normal sleeping patterns.

Symptoms of insomnia

The most common symptom of insomnia is difficulty falling asleep. Other symptoms include frequent waking up during the night or waking too early. People with insomnia also includes sleepiness and fatigue during the day as well as mood swings such as irritability.

How insomnia is diagnosed?

Although insomnia is a common sleep disorder, it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. This is due to differences in particular sleep patterns among individuals as well as the degree of daytime fatigue that some may consider as indications of insomnia.

Diagnosis of insomnia usually falls on the doctor’s evaluation of experiences of different individuals concerning sleeping patterns and looking into other symptoms.

How to treat insomnia?

Treatment for insomnia would depend on the severity of the problem. Other cases of insomnia may be worked out through self-help measures such as taking sleep remedies and other means. But there are cases also that may require professional medical help.

For severe insomnia cases, doctors can usually recommend a variety of treatments. There are behavioral therapies that can help teach sufferers new sleep behaviors as well as ways to make the sleeping environment more ideal for sleeping.

In case that may prove insufficient, there are also medications that may help treat chronic sleeplessness in people. There are prescription sleeping pills available that may further help treat insomnia, depending on certain cases as evaluated by the physician.


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