How Seniors Can Enjoy the Holidays

In holiday festivities, stress is something that cannot be prevented. For seniors, there are several things that have to be done but there is not enough time or resource to accomplish all of them. 

With the overwhelming emotions associated with the preparations and gatherings, it is important that the elderly have a way to relieve all the tension they go through. The build-up of pressure, no matter how much they have amassed, has to be managed in such a way that you are still able to enjoy everything around you. Below are some suggestions that you can follow to maintain mental awareness.

Making yourself mentally aware for the holidays

  • Make a list complete with deadlines. This way you will be organized and get things done in time.
  • Accomplish all extra tasks ahead of time. Allot 30 minutes of your time so these things will not pile up.
  • Rather than Christmas greetings, send New Year’s cards instead.
  • Clean out your room and remove some unneeded items. Discarding the items that you will not be using anymore will help in reducing stress.
  • Keep a relatively positive attitude when visiting your children and their families.
  • Be aware of the activities your children and their family have. Know that they are not only busy with the preparations but that they also have to keep an eye on their children as ell as with their work.
  • Be intuitive on where your help is most needed, like offering your help in tasks such as cooking holiday food.
  • Provide time in building friendship. Close friends will give you the social support you need.