What Is Kidney Cancer?

The need to disseminate facts about kidney cancer has become imperative as more and more people are found to have this serious illness. In the United States alone, a whopping 13,010 cases of death due to kidney cancer have been recorded, while 54,390 people who are diagnosed with this type of cancer have been reported for this year.

Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the tissues of the kidneys. This type of cancer comes in three forms:

Renal Cell Carcinoma – A form of kidney cancer that is brought about by the formation of cancer cells in the lining of the small tubes of the kidney.

Renal Pelvis Carcinoma – A form of kidney cancer which involves the center of the kidney, or the part where the urine collects.

Wilms Tumor – A form of kidney cancer that is typically developed by children under the age of five.

Causes of kidney cancer

The causes of kidney cancer are yet to be determined by the experts, but the risk factors for this type of cancer include people who smoke, get thorough cadmium and lead exposure, as well as those who are obese. Hypertensive’s are also susceptible to kidney cancer.

Some people who have been diagnosed during the latter stage of their kidney cancer say that they didn’t experience any symptoms at all. But among those who experienced symptoms of kidney cancer, the common complaints were:

(1) blood in the urine
(2) painful spasms in the bladder
(3) a dull pain in the side
(4) a lump in the kidney area
(5) tiredness and weight loss.

How to treat kidney cancer?

The best way to treat kidney cancer is through surgery. However, due to the fact that the kidneys are very fragile, taking away the cancer cells on it may not be successfully carried out through surgery alone.

In such cases, the options would include biological treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or hormonal treatment.

How to prevent kidney cancer?

The causes of kidney cancer are not clear yet. However, there is a correlation between kidney cancer and exposure to tobacco products and lead and cadmium.

For this reason, a preventive measure against kidney cancer would include a healthy lifestyle and non-exposure to harmful elements such as lead and cadmium.


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