Alcohol Problems In Seniors

Alcohol can also become a serious problem for those who belong to the senior population. Seniors can face serious issues with alcohol if they do not know how to control it. What makes it even worse is that alcohol may have a more serious effect on seniors than on the younger age group.

Possible Reasons

There are various reasons that many seniors can find themselves having an alcohol problem. Most seniors experience certain circumstances at their age that would lead them to mistakenly drink alcohol in order to cope up. Loss during this time of their lives can be experienced more than on any other age.

Married seniors usually lose a spouse or a loved one at this stage of their life. The same goes to loss of friends as well as a career that has made their life feel fulfilled and productive.

The quick rate of having to deal with such losses or even changes can put many seniors into undue stress. This can lead many seniors to turn to alcohol to ease their problems. In this case, alcohol has become a coping mechanism that will eventually become a serious health problem.

Serious Effects

The problem with mixing alcohol and old age together is that the possible effects are worse than during the younger years.

In old age, people begin to experience a decreased level of metabolism. Even a little alcohol during this time may have quite an effect on old people. Seniors may become more sensitive to alcohol and may find it more difficult to stay sober if it becomes a habit later on.

Another possible problem that alcohol may pose on seniors is that they can dangerously mix with the different medications that many seniors may be taking.

Old age also leads to people having to take a variety of medicines to either treat a certain condition or maintain their health. Alcohol can sometimes affect how these medicines work and even can pose a life threatening risk to seniors without them knowing it.

Providing Help

Helping seniors with alcohol problems can be a daunting task. Aside from the age difference and the stubbornness of some seniors refusing to get help, some may not consider their drinking alcohol a problem at all. The challenge usually come in finding the most effective approach on how to talk with seniors about their drinking problem and its possible effects.

For seniors to even hear what other people will say about issues on their drinking there are some things that need to be established. One of them is trust. Seniors would readily talk to people whom they can trust.

They can confide and willingly listen to someone whom they think will respect them as well as being given the same treatment as anybody else.

Seniors with problems over alcohol usually need more time to get over the issues and should be treated with more patience, care and understanding.


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