Why Smokers Feel Good When Smoking

Smokers feel good when they smoke because of the stimulation of certain chemicals in their brain. The affected area of the brain is stimulated by heroin and morphine.

According to one study, the endogenous opioids is the chemical triggered when someone smokes. This eliminates any painful sensations and improves the sense of the smoker’s wellbeing. Likewise, endorphins are also released causing the smokers to go "high".

In that particular study, the participants did not smoke for 12 days prior to the test. First, they were given two nicotine-free cigarettes. Afterwards, two cigarettes that have nicotine in them. While they were smoking, their brain activity was monitored.

In comparison to non-smokers, there is a change in the flow of opioids in the brains of the smokers. The flow changes continuously in a rate of 20 to 30 percent. It occurs mostly on the part of the brain where emotions and cravings are controlled. In addition, there has been a correlation between the scan and how the smokers felt.

Though there were only six participants in the study, all of them males in their twenties, the researchers are very much surprised with the outcome. They have found out that the phenomena associated with nicotine addiction and pleasure, just like heroin and the likes, are all linked with neurochemistry.

This study also showed how hard it is for smokers to quit the habit. 


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