Making Hospital Stays Easier

Traditional hospital care entails providing comfort and adequate medical services to patients. That was before, back when patients are seen as patients instead of customers. Now, though, a different trend is making its way. It involves the same comforts and convenience of health care, but with a different kick.

More than the simple luxuries like TV sets and the likes, hospitals nowadays are also offering wi-fi connections and art on the walls. Staid is out and amenities are in. Hospital administrators are now considering the enjoyable aspects of staying in the hospital and so they have started to create fun features.

Among the hospitals which initiated these measures are:

The Century City Doctors Hospital in Los Angeles which extolled its menu and put in flat-screen TVs in all of its rooms.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York which now has an afternoon tea service.

The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, which offers local museum trips to its patients.

The Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital have a wellness center, a walking path, cooking classes, and shops. It also offers free lodging for the patients’ families. 

With all the gloominess that the thought of being sick can bring, it’s nice to be offered a fun alternative.

All of these superb innovations are great ways to make staying at the hospital less depressing. As more and more hospitals decide to expand their horizons, the patients will experience more delight and think of their illnesses to a lesser extent.


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