Sexuality as You Get Older

No matter how you view sex, whether it is part of human nature or something that is too sacred or something that do not feel comfortable dealing with, having sex on a regular basis is the best way to maintain sexual capacity.  It actually benefits your body as it secretes hormones that promote pleasurable feelings, as well as helping you shed those unwanted pounds.

However, as you get older, having sex can be seen as more of a chore than a part of a loving relationship and it should not be the case here.  There are many ways to rekindle that passion and maintain one’s sexual capacity.

More foreplay

Promoting more foreplay as well as direct contact with sexual organs can enhance sexual response and it also serves as a way to deal with early ejaculation which men may encounter as they get older.

Arouse with the mind

Libido is actually stimulated on the mind rather than the sexual organs.  You can arouse your partner by setting the mood with candlelight and some soft music, or whatever else that you partner gets turned on.

Take medications, while avoiding some of them

Some men may have difficulty erecting their penises.  Those problems can be remedied with many medications available in the market.  At the same time, there are those medications that may inhibit sexual response as part of their side effects.  Ask your doctor about which medications you should take and avoid in order having an active sexual response.

Drastic physical changes should not be a barrier

If you have had medical procedures that have altered you physically such as colostomies and mastectomies, do not consider these as an end to sexual pleasure.  Communicate with your partner about your fears and expectations, as well as going to a counselor to help you adjust.

This also goes with people who suffer from arthritis, as the pain can be remedied by simple changes in sexual positions or creating adjustments such as placing cushions under the hips.

Use water-based lubricants

Older women tend to lose the lubrication of their vaginas, which is why water-based lubricants are of great help to them.  Another recommended product would be prescriptive vaginal creams containing estrogen, as they help reverse the changes in the vaginal tissues.  Never use petroleum jelly.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Small amounts of alcohol may heighten one’s sexual responsiveness as it removes his or her inhibitions.  However, larger amounts of alcohol may actually decrease sexual performance, as well as delay ejaculation for too long.

Take natural herbs

Several herbs can help you enhance your sexual response, such as ginkgo biloba and ginseng.  Be reminded, however, that they may carry side effects so you need to seek a health professional to help you decide whether this option is right for you.


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