Five Food Myths

There are certain things in life that we try to stay clear of, for the simple reason that these things are bad for us. It may be bad for our health or even for our sense of sell-being.

Modern living has made a turn and new discoveries are prompting us to forget the old beliefs and stick to the new ones as it tells us that not all "bad things" are indeed bad.


We have been warned that beer is bad for our health as it induces hypertension and increases the glucose levels in our blood. In addition to that, it also promotes weight gain. However, new research suggests that moderate beer intake has the ability to improve cardiovascular function.


We were led to believe that drinking coffee is not advisable because too much caffeine in the blood may cause palpitations. While coffee may indeed have some bad effects, it also has some good points.

For starters, coffee is a major source of antioxidants, which are important is flushing the toxins out of our bodies. Second, it may also reduce the risk of diabetes, pancreatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver.


Red wine has been proven to contain anti-cancer elements. It was also said to have compounds that protect the arteries from damage. Further, drinking red wine may also help in reducing risks of gum diseases and Alzheimer’s.


Chocolates were once thought to cause acne. But now beauty experts are denying this claim. According to them, chocolates may even promote the skin’s youthful glow because it contains a certain compound which is responsible in bringing out the natural blush in our cheeks.

Moreover, research reveals that chocolate consumption increases the blood flow in the brain, thus warding off dementia.


Aside from the moral and religious implications of having premarital sex, resorting to this activity may also lead to early/unplanned pregnancy, promiscuity, and abortion.

But sex isn’t all that bad. In fact, having sex is a convenient, not to mention pleasurable, way to reduce stress, lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.

More discoveries are bound to change our lifestyle and the usual patterns we have grown accustomed to. Who knows, maybe one day, ballpark franks and chicken wings may be beneficial to you, too. The key here is balance. Keep everything in moderation and keep discipline in tow.


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