Visualization: A Way to Heal Yourself

Visualizing things can be a powerful tool to heal one’s mind. As a form of self-hypnosis, it can help someone gather a positive outlook towards life. It can help in changing one’s emotions-from negative to positive-and it can affect the body physically.

Mind and body connection

In life, we have a series of belief systems. Each of them is based in our experiences. Therefore, there is the repeating notion of reward and punishment in consideration to a root action. Creating perceptions of a reality that we want to experience is done through visualizing what we really want.

This idea results to positive healing with the use of visualization. By connecting the mind and the body, you get to avert the unwanted thoughts and visualize an outcome that is more appealing to you.

An example of this is the release of adrenaline in our bodies. Because of an emotion that arose from fear, your body reacts to this emotion through the release of bodily hormones called adrenaline. In other words, the body is always affected by the thought or state of mind.

What makes this possible?

The part of the brain which is solely responsible with the emotions is the hypothalamus. It is the one that transforms any emotion into a physical response.

Neuropeptides are the chemicals transmitted to the brain whenever a particular type of emotion arises. Hence, they are the ones that serve as the connectors between the body and the mind.

Since neuropeptides have great influence over our immune system, it may terribly affect our body through our thoughts, whether positive or negative. That is because whatever it is that we visualize, our body reacts to it. Consequentially, a positive thought means an even healthier body and mind.

Tips in doing visualization

  • Have a clear and specific intention. Make sure it is achievable and that it is being accomplished.
  • Commit yourself to it and be responsible with whatever it is that you are visualizing. Always be persistent, positive and patient about it.
  • Relax yourself both mentally and physically.
  • Upon visualizing, you can either speak or think of it silently. Watch it, feel it and know that the healing is taking place.
  • While doing all of these, imagine yourself in a very beautiful place. This way, you can focus more on the process of visualization.

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