Walking Helps Maintain Mental And Spiritual Well-being

According to a study, walking is beneficial not only to an individual’s well-being but to one’s mind as well. A 45-minute walk in a 16-minute mile pace is said to increase the thinking capacity of people who are over 60 years old.

When the participants started walking for about 15 minutes and increased their speed as well as their time, it was discovered that their mental capacities grew sharper.

Getting smart means walking

Since endorphins are released in the body through any form of exercise, especially walking, moods therefore are improved. Endorphins are hormones within the body that causes a person to be in a joyous mood when these are released.

Irregardless of the walking pace, walking slow still improves one’s mood. Thus, walking is one way to fight depression apart from taking medicines or herbal supplements.

Walking to relieve stress

In a study conducted in 1999, walking as well as doing moderate exercises have been found out to reduce stress levels among university students. This is in comparison to those who remained idle in their couches or performed rigorous exercises.

Walking gives someone time to think and a way to get away from the things that cause stress. So the idea of getting away from a stressful environment while moving your body is one natural way to get rid of the stress.

With this, walking can also be a way to lower blood pressure and maintain your cardiovascular health.

Tips to walk stress-free

  • Distance yourself physically and mentally from any stress-causing environment.
  • Avoid making your muscles tense. This is one way why people get stressed.
  • Walk with the correct body posture.
  • Observe and enjoy the environment around you.
  • If you are with someone else, talk and laugh with them. This is one way to relieve stress while walking.
  • Use walking as a way to think through your problems as well as looking for solutions to them.
  • Vent your emotions to your partner while walking.

Walking to heal the spirit

Walking may not only help physically and mentally. It may also help boost your spiritual well-being. Since walking can be done alone, you get to spend some time with yourself.

Through this, you may get to ask the most personal questions in your life. You can even get to build a connection with your inner self and God.

Walking may also heal your relationship with other people. A walk with your children and grandchildren provides you some quality time with them. Be it your husband or your wife or even your friends, walking improves your social and spiritual well-being.


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